Discover the Reasons Why You Should Be Lifting Heavier

by TrainerDiva on January 29, 2013

How heavy are your weights? Cardio is good for your heart health, and smaller weights will tone you, but you should be considering adding heavy weight lifting to your routine.  Women worry about getting bulky like a body builder, but you won't, see the controversy,  There are tons of science backed studies that shows lifting heavier weights is good for your health.  Heavy weights for women is 8-15 pounds, and up to 25 pounds is best for the most efficient and effective way to build muscle mass.  Developing muscle is vital for lowering body fat and for overall improvement in health levels.  We've got some research-based reasons why women should be lifting heavier.  So add it to your in home personal training session in Philadelphia with your Philadelphia female personal trainer today!

1. Toned arms are sexy:  Many women are afraid of bulking up, but unless you are downing the whey protein and lifting like it's your full time job, it is going to be difficult to do.  Experts say women don't gain size from strength training due to less testosterone hormones.  Instead you develop super hot arms like Michelle Obama.  Try this workout:

2. Heavy weights are crucial for losing weight:  In general, for each pound of muscle you gain, you burn 35-50 more calories a day.  Studies show that adding weight training to your cardio routine increases the after-burn.  Wow!  So once you showered and settled into your work day, you are still burning calories!

3. Makes for healthy bones:  Weights do a body good.  They are proven to build bone density, which can help prevent osteoporosis.  Our personal trainers in South Jersey insist that consistency is key!

4. Great for heart health:  Most people think cardio alone is what makes your heart healthy, however the American Heart Association published a survey that found weight training lowers blood pressure, improves cardiovascular function, and reduces the risk for diabetes in which cardio experts agreed.

5. It is important for injury prevention and pain reduction:  If your muscles are strong, than so are the connective tissue and the more stable joints you'll have.  This will help prevent injury.  It's been shown to be a good technique for pain reduction.  Studies have shown strengthening lower back muscles to be effective for alleviating back pain.

6. It can bring euphoria:  Exercise can be just as good as the effects of anti-depressants for kicking the sadness to the curb.  Weight training has been proven to be super effective in this area.  Interesting!  A Harvard study showed that progressive strength training reduced all depression measures significantly.  Plus, lifting heavier weights will boost your self-esteem!

7. You'll be stronger:  This is an obvious one, but being physically strong gives you so much more that the curb appeal on the outside.  You''l carry your laundry basket with ease, and tote those grocery bags like nothing.  You'll feel like the strong, independent diva that you are!

Are you ready to up your weights?

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