Daily Habits of Happy Women

by TrainerDiva on September 18, 2011

Five everyday moves that will boost your mood….

Need a little good in your mood?  You don't have to wait to win the lottery and take a trip to a tropical island.  Research has recently found that by doing small everyday habits can make a huge difference in having a positive attitude.  Incorporate these happiness habits into your daily regimen and put a smile on your face.

1. Start your day the green way.  Drink green tea with breakfast.  Studies have found that people who sip 4 or more cups of green tea are 44% less likely to be depressed than those who drink it less often.  Wow!  This tea contains amino acid theanine which may encourage the release of feel good chemical in the brain, serotonin.

2. Detox your lunch.  Pack your bag with fresh fruits and veggies.  Don't forget fish and whole grains.  Keep fried, sugary and processed foods for an occasional treat.  An Australian study found that women who practice this kind of eating are less likely to feel the blues.

3. Go walking.  When you exercise you release powerful mood enhancers called endorphins.  A session as short as 20 minutes can do wonders in lifting your spirits for up to 12 hours.  Sweet!

4. Pump iron at dinner.  Take your vitamin supplement (make sure it has 18 mg of iron if postmenopausal) with food for best absorption.  One study found that female soldiers who took iron supplements scored better on mood tests than those who took a placebo.

5. Keep a record of the good.  Every night before bed, write down 3 things that went well during your day.  Even if it was the smallest thing.  39% of people say catching up with the family is the best part of their day (according to a Coca-Cola Happiness Study).  Be very descriptive in your writing in how you made those happy moments happen.  You'll be aware how much control you have over the good things in life.

What's your happy daily habit?

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