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I can thank my trainer for keeping me going! Katie been training with Heidi in Philadelphia for almost a year. She initially lost 20 lbs, but hit a plateau once summer started. She admittedly became unfocused due to vacations and barbecues, and although she wasn't gaining weight, she still wasn't where she wanted to be.  She and Heidi reevaluated her goals,and now she's back on track.  She's been participating in the Fall Into Fitness Photo-a-Day Challenge Heidi created on Instagram, and hasn't missed one day of her running and personal training plan.  "Every day I check off whether or not I did my work out, and if not, I have to write why I didn't do it.  This has been a great way to make me get up and work out on mornings I'd much rather be sleeping in, because honestly I don't want to write down that I 'just didn't feel like it!'"  Accountability and honesty are two areas Katie has definitely improved.  "I appreciate that I can be completely honest with my trainer and I know she struggles with motivation at times too.  It helps to remind me that I'm not a freak for having difficulties with staying fit!  Everyone, even the most fit people, need encouragement and need to be reminded of their goals to stay on track." 

Now that she's back on track, Katie is very excited to keep pushing forward, and very thankful that she made the commitment to personal training and to herself.  "Having a personal trainer always seemed too indulgent, like I didn't deserve to spend this money on something I should be able to do on my own.  I finally put my ego aside and realized I could get a lot out of a relationship with someone I could share all my struggles, frustrations, and successes with.  I'm so happy I did, and I hope by the end of the year to be at my goal."


My personal mantra is, Engage the Core! Anne started with TrainerDiva by taking group classes then transitioned into one-on-one personal training with Elena.  She has discovered the joy of moving by exercising five times a week, and has dramatically increased her core strength. So far, Anne has lost 15 lbs. and she is absolutely thrilled with the results she has maintained. Thanks to the individually tailored workouts, she’s also been able to nurse a knee injury under Elena’s guidance.  “As a newly-minted ‘senior citizen,’ I’m so thankful to have discovered TrainerDiva and its wonderful staff. I now maintain my current level of fitness and also continue to grow stronger and feel better each day."


Surgery didn’t slow me down. I achieved my goals and then some! Patti has been training with Megan since April 2013.  Her original goals were to lose 5-7 lbs. and increase her cardio endurance.  Those goals quickly shifted when she found out she needed to have surgery on her lungs. However, this did not slow her down at all.  She worked with Megan to get as healthy as possible before her surgery, and all of her effort paid off. She was back to training less than a month and a half after the surgery!  Patti has currently reached her weight loss goals, lost 10 inches all over her entire body, and is still working with Megan to maintain her current fitness level.



     "I needed t he extra push and a bit more formality and discipline in my exercise plan to look my best for my daughter's wedding. I had been watching information I would receive periodically from TrainerDiva and kept thinking it is what I needed to really step up my program.  I was fortunate to join a group of women looking to do the same and we began group training during the summer and have continued to now—and I hope it lasts forever!  We have formed a bond, we share ideas and frustrations and have developed true friendships.  All that is wonderful but we top that off with having elite training every week with TrainerDiva!  It is an understatement to say that I look forward to this every week.  It is a part of my life that has made it so much better." Peggy    

   TrainerDiva is great for what ails you! At 51 years old, I had a knee injury, surgery and PT to recover, but in the end I knew my knee would never be the same. With underlying arthritis and slight swelling when I was on it a lot, I resigned myself to the realities of my situation. I decided to workout with TrainerDiva and warned them that I needed to be careful with my knees. Like a miracle, after working out for 3 months, my knee has completely recovered, 100% as good as new with no swelling ever or pain. Strengthening the muscles that support my joints was the best thing I could have done to recover and prevent future injuries or strains. Now I can't say I will ever go back to running, because there are just too many other great activities that don't stress joints, but I feel so grateful that TrainerDiva got me back on track. ~Christine




In March 2011, I hired an in-home trainer with TrainerDiva, Inc. and she comes to me three days a week for 1 hour and we do interval training which includes strength/resistance and cardio. As of 4/29/12, I am down 7.lbs (*_*) which really makes a total of 23.lbs lost between September 2011 and now.  ~Velisha

This past weekend I participated in the 10 mile Broad Street Run through Philly. I ran slow, but I ran the WHOLE WAY!!  I know I wouldn't have been able to do that if I hadn't met you at your event in my building back in January. I never would have had the strength or stamina to get through it.  I'm so excited to have done it and I owe you a huge "thank you" for that.  I absolutely love training with TrainerDiva!  ~ Becky




Just wanted to let you know what a positive impact you've had on my view of nutrition and fitness. Even though we've only worked together for a few sessions, I really notice a difference in how I feel and the new, improved shape my body is taking! Between March and June it was difficult to work out and eat right because we were busy with graduation and moving to DC. Now that we've settled into our new place, I've been using the training schedule you gave me, following the nutrition tips we discussed and getting inspired by the TrainerDiva newsletters. So even though I'm far away now, I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that our paths crossed at World Diabetes Day in Philadelphia last year. ~Lisa


Just a note to tell you how excited I am to be training with TrainerDiva! We have been working together now 9 months and the improvement in my muscle development and tone, posture and balance are significantly noticeable. Not only do I see a very definite change in my body, others have commented that they too have seen very positive changes.

I never did weight training and all the aerobic effort allowed my body to get use to endless hours of repetitive motions. In the process I managed to generate shoulder, knee, hip and back injuries. Fortunately, thanks to TrainerDiva, all my aches and pains are history! ~MaryAnne

TrainerDiva is extremely motivational, enthusiastic, and informative. I look forward to each of my sessions and I always feel so great afterwards. They are really dedicated to helping you reach your goals. All of the informational handouts and emails are awesome too! It really helps me stay on track. ~Nikki


Have you ever felt hopeless when it comes to either weight loss or fitness? When I first met with TrainerDiva, Inc. I was recovering from back surgery before which I had been inactive for 3 years. I was discouraged with my weight and level of fitness and did not know if there was anything that I could safely do to improve my situation. Now, about one year later, I feel that deciding to train with TrainerDiva, Inc. was a defining moment in my life and the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I have lost over 60 pounds since I've started and I have never felt more fit in my entire life! ~Lois


I've been training with TrainerDiva for 6 months now and I've seen great results so far! Aside from dropping two whole pants sizes, firming my muscles and looking better, my energy level has increased tremendously. Prior to TrainerDiva, I tried joining gyms with monthly personal training sessions, however, I never developed the skills or confidence to do the exercises properly or effectively and would give up just a few weeks later. With TrainerDiva, the individual attention as well as the relationship you develop with your trainer is priceless and has allowed me to grow to love working out! For me, fitness has become a lifestyle change which will enable me to live a longer, healthier life. I've also been a role model for my daughter who is now a TrainerDiva Fat Blaster Bootcamp two time participant! ~Betty


I've been training with TrainerDiva for 7 months now. The best example of the dynamic improvement I've made in the past 7 months is the fact that I was able to shovel the 70+ inches of snow we got this past winter, by myself, without injury. At 64 years old, I'm no spring chicken but there I was, being independent and holding my own against neighbors who are 20 or 40 years younger. I'm sure I couldn't have done that before weight training and I feel that I owe it all to TrainerDiva. What I also like about training with TrainerDiva, is that they watch my form so that I'm always getting the full benefit of the exercise. If I was doing weight training in a gym, I know there would be many times when my form wouldn't be correct and the odds are good that I would do something to injure myself. I feel that I've gotten the best training possible with TrainerDiva and wish that everyone would give them a try. ~Judy

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